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Citizens as active partner in water policy reform

Citizens as active partner in water policy reform


The Centrе for Еnvironmental Democracy FLOROZON in partnership with the Consumers Organization of Macedonia started the implementation of the project: “Citizens as Active Partners in Water Policy Reform”.

The Project which is financially supported by the EU Delegation in Republic of Macedonia through the grant scheme “ENHANCED INVOLVMENT OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE EU INTEGRATION REFORMS” (EuropeAid/138660/ID/ACT/MK) have a general goal to contribute towards improving the involvement of civil society in the creation, implementation and subsequent monitoring of the water management policies.
The specific objective is building of CSOs capacities for active and sustainable participation in the water management decision-making processes as well as protection of water consumers’ rights through networking and partnership development.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Built capacities of CSOs to take part in the water policy reform processes, as well as in the creation, implementation and monitoring of water policies in the country;
  • Improved advocacy and lobbying capacities of CSOs for amendments proposals to water governance and management policies and protection of the consumer rights;
  • Raised awareness among the general public about its right to participate in the decision making processes concerning national and local water management policies.

The main activities of the project are:

  • Mapping and identification of the project target groups;
  • Production and publishing of a study: “State of Play in Water Governance and Management     and protection of consumers’ rights;
  • Organisation of three capacity building workshops on participation in the water management;
    Production of a White Paper for Improved practices in water governance and protection of consumers rights in the R. of Macedonia;
  • Organisation of one two-day capacity building workshops on advocacy and lobbying for CSOs;
  • Formation of a “National Hydro Network” - (NHN);
  • Lobbying and advocacy campaign for amendments to national/local governance and management policies;
  • Organisation of a national public campaign for inclusive water governance and management.

The project will strive for nomination of a relevant representative to take part of the State Regulatory Commission Working Group responsible for regulation of the water price.
The implementation period of the Project is 12 months.

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